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UrbiGo 125 €

Starter kit: One UrbiGo device + four recyclable plant capsules with organic Basil Genovese seeds.

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Integrated water level sensors that tell you when to water
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LED eco-efficient growing lights that replace Sun
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Device remote control via Wi-Fi module
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Free IOS & Android app for real time plant monitoring

UrbiGo is an automated IoT garden that grows your favourite spices, herbs, mini vegetables and flowers all year round.

It has a sensor for water level and temperature, special light that replaces the Sun and a Wi-Fi module for growing and nurturing your plants remotely.

We replaced traditional soil with a set of 4 capsules that have a special, all-in-one nano substrate. Each capsule provides the optimal amount of food, water, minerals and oxygen to your plants, and supports complete growth from seed to an adult plant.

Place the seeds of your favourite plants in each capsule or choose your favourite plant pods here.

UrbiGo is connected to you through the iOS / Android application that allows remote care of plants, even when you are not at home, and all needed tips and tricks for you to know as your plants grow.

UrbiGo application:

  • Powered by algorithms that track the needs of each plant you grow
  • Allows you to control the light in your UrbiGo device
  • Informs you when your plants need water
  • Reveals tips and tricks on how to nurture your favourite greens
  • Is growing community of modern, urban gardeners (check our community section in the app)

One UrbiGo starter pack includes everything you need to start with effortless indoor gardening:

  • UrbiGo IoT garden
  • 4 capsules with nano substrate with mini, transparent greenhouses for fast germination
  • 100% organic Basil Genovese starter seeds
  • Free iOS / Android app
  • AC/DC power adapter
  • Product Guide with detailed instructions how to set up your smart garden
Product specs Tech specs Packaging info
Name: UrbiGo Wi-Fi module (2.4GHz) L: 30.5 cm
L: 17.5 cm Contactless water level sensor W: 19 cm
W: 15.5 cm Special LED lights for plant growth (full spectrum) H: 16.5 cm
H: 28 cm AC/DC power adapter 12V (EU plug) Weight: 1.7 kg
Weight: 1.14kg Cable length: 183 cm
Water tank - capacity 900 ml
Material: ABS

Express shipping for Serbia - order will be sent on your address in 48h after the payment has been made, or if you chose "pay on delivery" option on checkout. Estimated shipping time may vary in some circumstances, depending on the current product demand.

Worldwide shipping - your order will be sent via Post as soon as the payment has been received. We will provide you with the tracking number and all needed documents for customs clearance, if needed. Delivery time and shipping fee depend on the country of destination.

Warranty is 1 years - we'll be happy to assist you with any technical issue or replace possibly defected unit without any additional costs.

Please contact our team on support@urbigo.me for more detailed info or specific request. We're here for you! 💚

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