Four easy steps to enjoy UrbiGo

In short all you need is Electricity, home Wi-Fi and phone to control your UrbiGo and track plant progress.

1) Easy and hassle-free setup

UrbiGo needs just two things to make your life greener - bit of electricity and Wi-Fi. After unpacking, plug your UrbiGo in the electric outlet, in any room you want. Download UrbiGo app and follow the instructions to connect your smart garden to your home Wi-Fi. Once connected, UrbiGo will notify you when it needs care.

2) All-in-one, organic plant capsules

Take out plant capsules from the pack and place it in your UrbiGo smart garden. There are four empty slots dedicated for them. Capsules come with seeds you choose and all needed plant food. Than all you need to do is add some water - the app will tell you how much exactly.

3) Remote growing and learning

Grow your own fresh herbs and veggies from your phone, wherever you are. UrbiGo app is in sync with plant capsules and it will provide you with cool recipes, interesting facts and make indoor gardening fun for yourself or your family.


4) Share skills with the community

Sharing is caring! As you build your green reputation and skills through UrbiGo app and enjoy the taste of your herbs, you can connect with other foodies and fitness enthusiasts or share your experience with other plant lovers.