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Here are the frequently asked questions. You can contact us any time for more information.
UrbiGo connects with your phone via Wi-Fi after you download UrbiGo app. UrbiGo gadget has a built-in Wi-Fi module that allows the garden to be remotely controlled, monitored, and communicated with wherever you are. When you connect your phone to your own gadget, the app will guide you through the next steps of growing your little herb garden successfully.
Every UrbiGo has its own ID number provided in the package. Entering this ID in the app allows you to connect your mobile device with your UrbiGo smart garden. Anyone who has your ID number can connect to your garden only if you give them permission e.g. whole family can connect with one UrbiGo.
This gadget has integrated sensors for water level and ambient temperature. With this feature, the garden will notify you when it needs more water or when the temperature in your home or office is too high or low.
Through app, you are able to control the amount of light your plants get. Depending on the plants you are growing, UrbiGo will notify you when you need to turn off or turn on the light. You can do this with one click on the app. Besides that, the app will guide you through the growing process, right from seedling till its maturity in a fun way, monitor plant health parameters, and allow you learn more and build green reputation among users.
This depends on the plants you grow. Generally, every three to four weeks, you will get a notification that water tank needs to be refilled.
Basically, you will need to take substrate cartridges from the package and insert it in UrbiGo smart garden. After that, you plant a seed you want, which is supported by the app and fill in the water tank. In doing this, the cartridges will take as much water as they need. No additional nutrient is needed - they have all the necessary nutrients needed for your herbs or veggies to grow healthy in 2-3 months.
After three months, you will have your own herb garden and fully grown fresh herbs ready to be cooked, used in cocktails or smoothies. If you choose not to eat your plants, you can always replant them in a bigger pot and use them as decoration.
One UrbiGo smart gardening gadget, a pack of four sterile substrate cartridges, and access to free mobile app that guides you through the growing process in a fun way, right from very beginning to the maturity of the plant.
No. You are free to cancel your reservation anytime by sending us an e-mail on support@urbigo.me
UrbiGo consumes with 12W of energy which is less that standard light bulb.
Yes! Our app empowers you to grow and learn more about the plants you are growing - so as you collect more points and badges, you will rank among other urban growers worldwide!