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Here are the frequently asked questions. You can contact us any time for more information.
UrbiGo connects with your phone via Wi-Fi after you download UrbiGo app. UrbiGo gadget has a built-in Wi-Fi module that allows the garden to be remotely controlled, monitored, and communicated with wherever you are. When you connect your phone to your own gadget, the app will guide you through the next steps of growing your little herb garden successfully.
Every UrbiGo has its own ID number provided in the package. Entering this ID in the app allows you to connect your mobile device with your UrbiGo smart garden. Anyone who has your ID number can connect to your garden only if you give them permission e.g. whole family can connect with one UrbiGo.
UrbiGo has a water level sensor, eco-efficient LED lights that emit specific wavelengths that favor plants supported by the device, and a sensor that monitors the operating temperature of the device. One of the mandatory steps when installing the device is to select the plant that is grown through the UrbiGo App. Combining these three parameters and user-entered data, UrbiGo knows when plants need more water, while algorithms within the UrbiGo application dose the light exactly as needed for a particular plant species and its growth stage.
Light in UrbiGo device. It is recommended that the light be set to automatic mode via the UrbiGo application. This means that the UrbiGo device itself takes care of the ideal amount of light that plants should receive according to their current growth phase. In addition to automation, users have access to the so-called "manual mode" which allows you to manually turn on and off the light when it suits you best. The disadvantage of this mode is that the light can be turned on longer or shorter than the plants need, which results in burns on the leaves of the plant or slower plant growth. Prolonged use of the manual mode is not recommended.
Click on Wi-Fi networks and make sure you are still connected to the UrbiGo hotspot. It may happen that your device from which you connect UrbiGo in the meantime has restored the connection to your Wi-fi. If this is the case, you need to connect to the UrbiGo hotspot again and try to open the URL from the application again. If the problem persist, please contact our customer support for more help via support@urbigo.me
When set in the device, UrbiGo capsules satisfy all the needs of your greens for 3 months. Although small in size, their design is such that during this period they support healthy root growth and development and provide an ideal balance of oxygen and nutrients. However, when your plants outgrow the device, after approximately 3 months, it is best to replant or use them. After this you can replace the old capsules with new ones. The shelf life of unused plant capsules is approximately 2 years
The position of the water tank inside the device may be slightly disturbed due to transportation.

You can solve this in a few simple steps:
1. Check that 2/3 of the tank is filled with water
2. Lift the capsule holder together with all 4 capsules and gently move the water tank so that it rests on the water level sensor as shown:

3. Return the capsule holder with the capsules back to your UrbiGo device and open the UrbiGo application again.

Your UrbiGo should read the water lever. If the problem persists after several attempts, please contact us our customer support by email to support@urbigo.me
One UrbiGo smart gardening gadget, a pack of four UrbiGo capsules containing special soil, and access to free mobile app that guides you through the growing process in a fun way, right from very beginning to the maturity of the plant.
You pay for your order once when we prepare your UrbiGo for shipping. We will send you the payment details in a timely manner directly to the email provided in the order. EU customers can pay only via PayPal at the moment. Online payment via credit/debit card will be available soon.
UrbiGo consumes approximately 1/10 of the electricity compared to the standard light bulb we have in our homes. It is quite energy efficient.
In theory, yes. It is important to use seeds supported by the UrbiGo device, ie spices and selected types of mini vegetables. If you plant different seeds in all 4 UrbiGo capsules, it can happen that each plant grows at a different rate - some will grow large while the rest may be still on the "baby plant" level. If you want to try this, we suggest you contact us at support@urbigo.me se we can suggest you some of the combinations of plants that grow at the same or similar pace, in order to get the best results. We do not currently ship 4 different plants with the UrbiGo starter pack.
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