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Team vision

With fast urbanization, the cities are transforming into concrete jungles and we are adjusting by living fast, in small apartments, consuming things on the go. Today, we are more digital and connected than ever before, but what happened with our relationship with nature?

This was the driving force behind us opening the door to a new type of smart home appliances that merge the latest technology and nature to advance the overall quality of our lives.

Meet the founders

Our team comprises passionate hardware, software, and environmental engineers and plant lovers who are aiming to restore the connection we have with nature through the digitalization of something seemingly "old-school" as food gardening.

Our mission is to make it simple, fun, and accessible to you because you deserve it!

Anja Varnicic CEO

Anja Varničić

CEO and Founder

A biologist in heart, experienced marketer and business developer in soul.

Aleksandar varnicic CTO

Aleksandar Varničić

CTO and Founder

Senior full-stack developer and serial entrepreneur.

Predrag Gajic hardware architect

Predrag Gajić

CHO and Founder

Senior hardware and software developer.

Milan Trajkovic product developer

Milan Trajković

Product designer and Founder

Landscape architect and skilled project manager

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