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Another "smart" garden? Think again.

Urbi revolutionise indoor gardening game

Say goodbye to wilting herbs. Ditch the old flower pots and time-consuming hydroponics. Say hello to a hassle-free way to grow your favorite edible plants with this smart bot.

Hi, I’m Urbi

Get ready to be amazed by the power of technology and nature combined - Urbi brings you benefits or organic gardening, every day!
First time setup
Plugin to the electricity and connect to home Wi-Fi
Insert 4 plants capsules
Insert 4 organic plants capsules
Connect to urbigo app
Track plants progress and learn about benefits
Grow, learn and share
Grow greens, share knowledge and collect badges
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    No need for fertilizers or special care. UrbiGo plant capsules are ready to grow and come with 100% organic seeds of your choice.

  2. 2


    Sensors in Urbi will notify you about your plant's needs. They monitor water level, ambient temperature, and amount of light needed for them to thrive.

  3. 3

    AI powered

    Urbi instantly recognizes what plant you’re growing and helps you nurture them better.

Design your green

UrbiGo starter pack comes with a set of 4 plant capsules and 100% organic seeds of your choice. Plant capsules are biodegradable and sprout in just a few days. Choose your favorite and let's start growing!

Make the tastiest pesto you've ever had.
Helps you sleep better and stay calm.
UrbiGo small plant capsules

An App that brings joy to gardening

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Remote control

Nurture your plants and monitor their life on the go. Get real time gardening updates, unlock care tips and build gardening skills, even when not at home.
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Community powered

Gardening brings us closer to nature and each other. Tap into the community of thousands of plant lovers, build your reputation, and see what others are growing.

Change starts with you

Join the hundreds of users who successfully grow their favorite plants in the UrbiGo smart garden.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can see the commonly asked questions on our Help center page.
UrbiGo connects with your phone via Wi-Fi after you download UrbiGo app. UrbiGo gadget has a built-in Wi-Fi module that allows the garden to be remotely controlled, monitored, and communicated with wherever you are. When you connect your phone to your own gadget, the app will guide you through the next steps of growing your little herb garden successfully.
Every UrbiGo has its own ID number provided in the package. Entering this ID in the app allows you to connect your mobile device with your UrbiGo smart garden. Anyone who has your ID number can connect to your garden only if you give them permission e.g. whole family can connect with one UrbiGo.
UrbiGo has a water level sensor, eco-efficient LED lights that emit specific wavelengths that favor plants supported by the device, and a sensor that monitors the operating temperature of the device. One of the mandatory steps when installing the device is to select the plant that is grown through the UrbiGo App. Combining these three parameters and user-entered data, UrbiGo knows when plants need more water, while algorithms within the UrbiGo application dose the light exactly as needed for a particular plant species and its growth stage.
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