UrbiGo mini smart indoor garden
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Brings nature closer to you

Create and nurture your own green square on a fun and engaging way. UrbiGo is a unique green gadget that is small and powerful, fits perfectly in your home or office.

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Grow, learn and share

Rather than just creating a device that does everything for you, we built an app that will learn you how to grow fresh ingredients and enhance the quality of your life. Follow your progress in every step and get rewarded for your accomplishments.

  • There is an In-app growing guide for 50+ plants
  • Learn how to improve quality of your life
  • Collect badges as you go, unlock recipes and build green reputation
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What one UrbiGo includes



Integrated LED full spectrum growth lights installed on the adaptable lid make your plants thrive even in dark corners. Lights are eye-friendly and you can command them via an app.


4x capsules

100 % compostable and organic soil capsules have all food plants need to grow fast and pesticide free. Odorless, mold free and clean.


Water level

Sensor for water level will notify you on your mobile phone when you need to add water to the water tank and will make sure you don't miss it ever again.


Wi-Fi and sensors

Integrated Wi-Fi module allows UrbiGo to get in touch with you and temperature sensor will notify you if your indoors are too hot or cold.

Why boost urban green?

"People have only two homes: one is our planet and the second one is our body. We in UrbiGo believe that we can transform both in a better way and improve quality of our lives."

Anja, CEO of UrbiGo

Frequently Asked Questions

You can see all of common question and answers on our F.A.Q. page.

Software. Our app makes indoor gardening simple and engaging for everyone yet gives you freedom to remote monitor your UrbiGo wherever you are. It empowers you to go green through fun and learning.

App supports 50+ types of different herbs, spices and mini-veggies that can be grown in your home or office. We have developed science-based algorithms that monitor plant needs and health. App will tell you which plants should you grow together and which one not.

Because now is the time to start green revolution from your home. And yeah, if you reserve one now you will pay half of the market price when we start the delivery.