UrbiGo smart nano garden

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UrbiGo smart
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Grow organic greens effortlessly.
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The tech that makes indoor gardening easy!

  • Eco-efficient LED growing lights that replace Sun
  • Water level sensor that tells you when to water
  • Remotely control your garden whenever.

All in one soil for all your plant's needs

  • 100% organic and compostable soil capsules.
  • Perfectly balanced nutrients, oxygen, and water.
  • No more fertilizer. Just add water every 4 weeks!

An app that boosts the flavor of your herbs!

  • App algorithms learn from UrbiGo and adapt growing conditions over time.
  • Give your plants water or light with just one click.
  • Unlock recipes, tips and share with the community!

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UrbiGo smart garden

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Discover 50 different plant capsules from our plant collection and get new set every three months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can see all of common question and answers on our F.A.Q. page.

Software. Our app makes indoor gardening simple and engaging for everyone yet gives you freedom to remote monitor your UrbiGo wherever you are. It empowers you to go green through fun and learning.

App supports 50+ types of different herbs, spices and mini-veggies that can be grown in your home or office. We have developed science-based algorithms that monitor plant needs and health. App will tell you which plants should you grow together and which one not.

Because now is the time to start green revolution from your home. And yeah, if you reserve one now you will pay half of the market price when we start the delivery.