Team Vision

With rapid urbanization cities are turning into concrete jungles with little or no sufficient green spaces to improve the quality of our lives.

We believe that everyone deserves a green-square in their apartments and that, with help of technology, we can reconnect urban people with nature.

Meet the founders

People who gathered around same vision of reinventing the way you connect with nature

Anja Carapic

CEO and Environmental Scientist
— passionate about urban ecology and engineering, believer in impact driven startup.

Aleksandar Varnicic

CTO and Software Engineer
— with perennial experience in software architecture and entrepreneur by spirit.

Predrag Gajic

Hardware Mastermind
— who connects hardware and software on a daily basis, creating smart devices.

Milan Trajkovic

Product Designer
— and horticulturist, creator of vertical green projects that decorate streets of Belgrade.