Smart Cube - have your own piece of nature indoors

We believe that clean air, fresh ingredients and green space should be available for everyone. Combining technology and nature in one product we created small, portable and fun gadget for your home or office.

Smart Green Cube

Automated system

Automated lightning for optimal plant growth and smart watering technology. Add water every three weeks and get info from the app about plants needs!

Adjustable lid

After unpacking You can adjust the height of the lid as your plants grow. The app will tell you what is the perfect height for plants.

Portable and small

Can grow up to 4 plants. Easy portable and sleek design makes it adjustable everywhere - from kitchen to work desk. Made out of sustainable materials.

UrbiGo app

Connect with your smart garden using your phone. Easy. Anywhere.

Interactive learning platform

Smart garden has integrated plant health sensors which send data straight to UrbiGo app, allowing you to track your garden progress and much more!


Get notified

Real time alerts when action needs to be taken.


Unlock new app features as your garden progress.


Learn from the app and share your progress with others.

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Green Cube

  • Grow 4 plants
  • Smart system(watering + lightning)
  • Free UrbiGo app
  • 4 smart plant pods
  • + gift: plant food supplement
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3 months refills

  • 4 new plant refils
  • Compostable &
  • Pesticide free
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