UrbiGo, smart indoor garden for your home

You don't have to be pro gardener to green-up your home. We make sure that your green buddies get complete care. UrbiGo smart gardening gadget reconnects you with nature on easy and fun way!

Why smart indoor garden?

Let you have a green thumb without getting dirty!

Automated system

Automated system

Automated watering and lightning system set perfectly to your plants needs.



Start producing your own fresh herbs and spices from your home all year long.



With real time data learn more about your plants and become proud plant parent.

Garden design


Bring a slice of nature indoors, increase productivity and quality of living.

What is UrbiGo?

Smart indoor garden device that allows you to grow fresh food all year round. Order online, connect UrbiGo with mobile phone and start growing!

Modular design


We are dedicated to incorporate smart hardware components in our design and create modern product for your home.

Sustainable design


Sustainability is the core of our business. This is why every UrbiGo vertical panel is made of durable and waterproof eco-friendly materials.

Healthy food


In UrbiGo you can grow variety of spices, herbs or other plants you enjoy from your own home without any knowledge or special effort needed.



Control and track your garden always and connect with other users. Share your progress, tips and pictures.

UrbiGo app

Connect with your vertical garden using your phone. Easy. Anywhere.

Interactive learning platform

Smart garden has integrated plant health sensors which send data straight to UrbiGo app, allowing you to track your garden progress and much more!

Try prototype

Get notified

Real time alerts when action needs to be taken.


Unlock new app features as your garden progress.


Learn from the app and share your progress with others.

Share your story and progress