UrbiGo, smart vertical garden for your home

You don't need a backyard farm to grow your own food. You just need an empty wall in your apartment. With UrbiGo you can enjoy the benefits of nutritious food everyday and add some green to your life.

Why smart vertical garden?

Let you have a green thumb without getting dirty!

Automated system

Automated system

Grow your own organic food effortlessly - no previous skills needed.



Save time and money and start changing the food industry by growing sustainable.



With real-time software data you can learn more about the origin of your food and enjoy nutritious meals.

Garden design


Bring a slice of nature indoors, increase productivity and quality of living.

What is UrbiGo?

Smart vertical garden device that allows you to grow fresh food all year round. Order online, connect UrbiGo with mobile phone and start growing!

Modular design


We are dedicated to incorporate smart hardware components in our design and create modern product for your home.

Sustainable design


Sustainability is the core of our business. This is why every UrbiGo vertical panel is made of durable and waterproof eco-friendly materials.

Healthy food


Choose which plants you would like to grow: herbs or veggies. And we will deliver them together with UrbiGo vertical panel to your door step.



Connect with other UrbiGo users on-line and learn from each other. Support other users with a tips or receive one.

UrbiGo app

Connect with your vertical garden using your phone. Easy. Anywhere.

Interactive learning platform

Vertical panel has integrated plant health sensors which send data straight to UrbiGo app, allowing you to track your garden progress and much more!

Try prototype

Get notified

Real time alerts about your plants progress and health.

Virtual climate tree

Track positive impact your garden has in combating climate change.

Social network

Share photos and experiences with other UrbiGo users.

Share your story and progress